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MOUNTAINEER'S 12 ESSENTIALS recommended by experts of all types:

1) AT LEAST ONE COMPLETE CHANGE OF CLOTHING including extra for such contingencies as rain & cold weather.

2) EXTRA FOOD. Include extra rations in your minimum. This is your insurance policy in case something goes really wrong.

3) SUNGLASSES. Every time you set out for a strange area it's good to have a pair along.

If you are planning on desert, alpine or winter camping, it's a rare occasion that you will not need them. Even Eskimos worry about snow blindness.

4) A KNIFE. A substantial pocket-knife is the order of the day. No need for Bowie knife and the big sheath knife for those who are out to tackle bears with bare hands. A good Swiss army knife is excellent or a Buck for bigger job.

5) FIRE STARTERS; jelly, ribbon, tablets or impregnated peat bricks. There are emergencies where a fire is both necessary and difficult to start. Every kit MUST include a supply of starters of one kind or another.

6) EMERGENCY MATCHES. Fire starters alone don't a fire make. You need matches. Long wooden ones are best & soaked in wax to make them weather proof and keep them in a waterproof container.

7) A FIRST AID KIT. See the proper chapter on how to build one.

8) A FLASHLIGHT. Everyone should carry his own and add extra batteries & bulbs just in case.

9) MAPS. You should have a map when going to all but the most familiar places. It's not only a safety factor but can add a lot of enjoyment to your trip, helping you to find the best spots and sights.

10) A GOOD QUALITY COMPASS even two might help in case the first one goes berserk.

11) A SPACE BLANKET. It did not exist in the first writing up of this list. Today it's an invaluable safety precaution. Weighing only 2 ounces it opens up to a full 56"X84".

It reflects up to 90% of a sleeper's body heat while at the same time keeping out rain, rain and snow.

Not to be used as camping blanket but ESSENTIAL as emergency gear for all kinds of use including signalization


This chapter is repeated elsewhere I just took and copy it since its really important. Do not add it on to other chapter. (June 26 1995)

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