THE SURVIVAL BIBLE - A Work in Progress by Richard Perron

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Psychology of Survival

- (One Must be Prepared Mentally too!) "Physical fitness is not enough!"

Universal Antidote for All Purposes

- A must in any Home, especially if you have Kids!

How to breath better!

- To reduce Stress!

Deep Breathing

- How to Fight Cold, Stress, as well as to relieve boredom and increase Strength/Efficiency by as much as 33% !

Mini - Survival Kit

- Or a crash course on this whole book. Anywhere and most anytime for almost anyone.

Camping How / Where / When.

- Self Explanatory.

Clothing when camping.

-What to wear or not, what to bare or bare not! Bear this in mind !?!

Arctic Survival

- How to survive in the Arctic! Koool tips in many ways! (Yes! I know how to write cool, but it's Koooler like this!)

Cold how to Fight it Effectively.

- Cover your head since you loose 33%! of your body heat through it!

Cold Feet No More!

- (Use newspaper as insoles) etc. It works believe you me! I Never had cold feet since then !!!

Desert Survival techniques.

- (Hot tips!) (Very hot subject but kind of dry!) (No Beer !?!) Oh Well! "Said the horse"

An added Desert file

- Giving more tips on Survival techniques.

Tricks of the desert

- Like the camel way of drinking. (Not to try in a bar! Nor at a Bar Mitvah ?)

Disaster and how to cope with it.

- Several tips to help along anyone facing bad time!


- What to do or not to do in case of Earthquake!

Home Solutions when Disaster strikes out!

- 3 strikes and You're out !

Fire a big file on how to make it?

- In all weathers & places etc.

Hunt or How to hunt ?

- Day or Night! Anywhere with tips & proven techniques by Survival experts.


- The art of "Track-King" best the beast !


- How to skin them animals yet preserving the skin, even how to prepare or save skins for its many uses.

How to butcher!

- The art of butchering to save the most as well as to work the least.

Cooking tips & other Yum Yum

- What does it take to be a Chef in this Wild! Wild! West!

Food & other Miam Miam

- How to Prepare, Cook or Save it etc! > EDIBILITY Test! < Is it Good to eat or fattening ?!?

Fishing tips

- & other baits, no jokes? Yet send me some!

Fish Cook-King / Preserving etc.

- To catch a fish is easy, but what's next is; to keep it!

Birds how to hunt & cook them !

- Even Kentucky!

Horse file

- On how to care & use one like Lay-deee Godiva? He - Ahhh!?! (Home James!?!)

Insects file

- On which to eat or use as bait. Very fat in protein. Ask any bear!

Weather predictions

- How to forecast the weather using different signs in the nature. Very useful to avoid mucho problemo!

Weather add on

- Informations. Whether you Wlike it or Won't!

Measures in Nature

- How to use nature tricks to evaluate distances, speed or height etc.

Miscellenious files on many topics

- Still not filed elsewhere as usual. So Sue Me, I have not finished this book yet, by a long shot!

Montain Climbing techniques.

- Tricks and tips on this high tech. hobby.

Plants in Canada

- Need Help Please from anyone out there?

Plants South of the Border!

- (Down Mexico way !?!)

Plants on 3 or 4 or 5 continents.

-Sorry! No Pix for now. Still Need Help here!

Plants In & Near the SEA

- Help Most Wanted !!

Plants in Thundra regions

- Help most wanted...

Plants add on!

- Latest findings, latest notes!

Plants New Stuff not listed yet

- Still as usual to work on & Help Needed & Most Sought even Begged for!


- In plain English to bail or not to bail

Pollution! (What Pollution ?!?)

- What it does? How to fight it? Dangers from it!

Jungle & Tarzan

- Tips on the Jungle from Tarzan and other apes even Jane would go positively Ape about it.

Reptiles file on those creepy things.

- (Dangerous yet Eatible) (Have a bite!) >>> "Bite them before they Bite You !"


- How to make them anywhere from Lean To, to Shack & Shanties. not snacks & panties?

First-Aid !

- All about First Aid! What to do or not to do!?! Ouch!


- How to Cure it, from a 1490 AD receipe & it works, I know from Perronel experience & it's Free!

STRESS! How to reduce it

- By Simply Breathing Better. Exhale Deeper! So I repeat myself. So sue me!? Yet stress is a big part of doing home pages! I used to hate homework & now I love working at home doing home-pages!

Insomnia and how to cure it.

- Read this & zzzz fall asleep while reading!

Signs & How to make them.

- To be seen or heard anywhere & without your PC or W.W.W! How to find your way being Yahoo?

A new tracking system

- The newest way to find Spock wherever he or she maybe and this is high tech. using satellites triangulation!

A file on miscellenious topics

- Still not included elsewhere as usual! So What's New?

Sponge and it's many uses.

- (Sterile / good to mop dew etc. / wash anything (wounds) & Very Good to replace Toilet Paper.)


- Its many many uses in camping or survival, trying it is to love it. (Ask any duck?)

A Survival Kit

- or what to pack for Survival? Excluding your VCR or caisse of Beer or your Laptop Modem!

To move or not to move ?!?

- That's the question? That's the ticket!

A transport file

- On different ways & means to do so or not to do so! To move or Not to move? ?? This decision could be lethal or life saving! It is not a joke!

Sea Survival etc.

- How to survive at Sea? How to find soft water and many many other good tips all around the world ...

Sea & Compass

- How to use or make a compass or how to use it! Where are we again? (Mark the spot on the ocean?!?)

Raft not Draft!

- How to build a raft or use one for that matter. Aye Aye Captain Brion!

Raft added notes

- On Raft, not Draft, nor Daft.

Nuclear War

- Helpful hints on how to survive this eventuality.

Joys of Camping

- Yes! Joys of camping & tricks as well, note also that those tips as mentioned before, are not included elsewhere, except at rare odd times.

12 Essential Items for Survival

- Recommended by experts of all types from SAS to Baden Powel etc. even by me. Oh Well! said Orson?

Compass & maps

- How to use maps & compass "Off " course.

Deep Breathing

- 6 deep one will do it!


- Add-on information for fire.

Future book to come

- This is a totally new file which I am still working on bit by bits. Hey! No money, no secretary & No Honey! Baby!


- How to deal with the horsy! He-Ahhh! Home James! Said Lay- D - He Godivahhh!!!

Packing Lightly for Around the World Travelling

- Everything you pack weighs something, so why not take a elephant?

Poorman's Gear Review

- Hey! We're not all rich!


- How to find it & making VERY sure its clean!! 1 drop can make very ill and could even kill you. Even Just Moistening your lips. This is no jokes. (Ice does Not Kill Germs!)

Disclaimer! (Read this before you start yer whining!) Note of the co-author, these files are not yet finished as I write this on June 25 1995, it even needs a bit of translation still, which will be done in the final upload, so please bear with me till then.

However I believe that so far all which is written can be used without too much problemo. If you see any glaring mistakes write them to me & I will make the necessary correction. Thanks.

Note add on: these chapters will need pictures in order to be well understood.

At the present they are not yet included, not having a scanner nor the money but as soon as I can I will do that rest assure and not only for this chapter alone but for the rest of the book. Thanks for your understanding so far.


They will be part of the later edition when $$$ comes along for me to scan all of them not only for this particular chapter but the rest of the book. This note is written as of June 1995, lets hope for all that by this time next year if not sooner we will have all that resolved. Thanks.

Hey if you really are mad and have some $$$ to throw me, send it along and I will hire a honey of Secretary who will do the job of scanning plus translation even the coffee, then I will upload it sooner than later, who know I could even end up marrying her to make it a happy ending. Oh well, one can dream. Anyway thanks for your understanding and help. PS I still need help in plants. Cio!!!

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