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An ancient method for securing already cooked insects, reptiles & small animals is to fire large tracts of grassland and then to comb them for whatever may have been roasted by the fire.


Discard internal organs that may carry salmonella. Reptiles can be cooked in their skins. Large snake can be chopped into steaks and provide useful skins.

To prepare a snake, cut off head well down, behind poison sacs, open vent to neck, keeping blade outwards to AVOID piercing innards which will fall clear.

Impale to suspend and ease off skin towards tail, remove the entrails and cook like chicken to whose meat it is often compared.


Best gutted and then cooked in their skins that are tough and leathery. Place in hot embers & turn continually. When the skin splits apart the meat can be removed and boiled.

A few snakes have poisonous secretions on the skin and others may have venom glands in their head, so cut it off before cooking. If you are not sure whether they are safe, take care in handling them.

Both lizards and snakes are not only digestible & EDIBLE but are often considered delicacies for which some will pay a higher price than prime beef.

The only time snake meat may be poisonous is when it has suffered a venomous bite perhaps from its own fangs.

This also holds true with lizard, the only poisonous lizard is the Gila's monster and Mexico Beaded Lizard.


They are hard to catch & they don't have enough meat on them to justify the energy spent to capture them.

However note that all reptiles are mostly made of flesh thus good for food. Beside being easy to catch with a stick or stone. You MUST remove the head and the intestines before frying or boiling them.


Frogs, small snakes, lizards can be roasted at the end of a stick. Big snake and Eels have better taste if boiled first before roasting them.

Roasted Salamander IS COMESTIBLE.


Hunting is very good at night if you use a torch or lamp but AVOID to capture #crapaud# since they are toxic. Cut the head off, remove the thighs and then remove the skins & empty it before cooking or boiling them. Many frogs have poisonous skins. Roast on a stick.


The turtles are exceptionally tasty boiled or fried. Make the turtle to boil till the shell detaches, then cut the flesh that you will mix with tubercles and plants to obtain a soup.