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Adam Rothstein's Info and CV

Writer and theorist on tactical and strategic uses of technology, focusing on historical deployment and social effects. Chronicler of the Future Weird. Experimenting with radio waves, media waves, and the rift between institutional and insurgent technological approaches. Current research topics include: anthropocene landscapes, infrastructural aesthetics, and material ecologies. He is on Twitter @interdome.
From a professional standpoint, Adam is a freelance writer, installation artist, and is currently co-curator of Weird Shift, a research and gallery project in Portland, Oregon. For inquiries, email is here.
Adam writes a weekly email about what he is working on, covering everything, from writing to art to things that are maybe even a little bit secret. It is an email newsletter, because the RSS and Twitter feed are all just a little, you know, sometimes. You can subscribe to these emails here.
Selected Publications
Contributing editor at The State, and regular blogger for the International Sculpture Center.
Novel: Orthogonal Procedures - Resurrection House (Coming soon!)
Non-Fiction Book: The End of Money - New Scientist (Coming soon!)
Essay: Case Work - International Sculpture Center
Speculative Reporting: After the Big One - Motherboard
Essay: How to See Infrastructure: A Guide for Seven Billion Primates - Rhizome
Zine: Automated Weapons - (available for order now!)
Essay: The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread - Method Quarterly
Essay Collection: Astronaut Luggage - Link Editions
Non-Fiction Book: Drones - Bloomsbury Publishing, part of the Object Lessons series.
Short story: Targeted Strike 2: Judgement Database - Terraform
Essay: The Complexities of Drones in Art - The CreatorsProject
Essay: Constellations of the City - International Sculpture Center
Short story: Reverse Engineering - Arc 2.2: Chromewash
Essay: High Priestess of the Future-Weird - The State
Essay: How Much Electricity Does Bitcoin Use? - Medium
Essay: Land Art of the Anthropocene - Rhizome
Essay: The Youth: A Lower Class - Medium
Short Story: Chased by Google X - The State
Essay: Glassholes and Black Rock City - Medium
Essay: Futurist Anarchism and the Cargo Cult - The State
Essay: FutureMyth Notes - FutureMyth Exhibition, Brooklyn, NY
Book chapter: The Pleasant/Unpleasant Dynamic - Unpleasant Design
Essay: The Shape of Shaping Things to Come - Best of Rhizome 2012
Essay Series: Guide to Future Present Archetypes
Art Text:
50 Cultural Perturbations - Novella.
Essay: On the Natural History of Surveillance - Rhizome
Essay: Satellites of History - The State
Short Story: Killer Mag - The New Inquiry
Short Story: Cascadian Drone Ballads: An Introduction - POSZU
Zine: Apopheniac Communiques
Essay: Drone Ethnography - Rhizome
Essay: Enter the Hutong - POSZU
Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR: "Virtual Space Aesthetics"
Radical Networks, Eyebeam, Brooklyn, NY: "The Future History of the Solarpunk Ham Radio Club" (with Rob Ray)
Society for the History of Technology, Albuquerque, NM: "Creating a Usable Historical Narrative of Future Drone Technology"
Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol, United Kingdom: "Water Infrastructure Aesthetics"
San Francisco Arts Quarterly, San Francisco, CA: "Weird Futures" (with Morehshin Allahyari and Sterling Crispin)
Vernacular Architecture Forum, Chicago, IL: "The Hexayurt at Burning Man: DIY Culture Online and Vernacular Construction" (with Rosalynn Rothstein)
As Above, So Below, Lincoln, UK: "Major Drone Religions" - Presenter
Theorizing the Web, Brooklyn, NY: "Drones, for better or worse" - Panel Organizer
PNCA, Portland, OR: "Vaporware & the Future-Weird" - Presenter
Arse Elektronika, San Francisco, CA: "The Gendered Internet of Things" (with Rosalynn Rothstein)
Drones and Aerial Robotics Conference, New York, NY: "Do Drones Dream of Electric Sheep? - Panel Participant"
Arse Elektronika, San Francisco, CA: "Drones and the Gaze: Technological Scopophilia" (with Rosalynn Rothstein)
Weird Shift Con 2013, Portland, OR: "Teleogics and Games"
MediaCities, Buffalo, NY: "Media Platforms, Occupied Media Space, and Political Narratives: A Critical Examination of the Occupy Protests, 2011-2012" (with Rosalynn Rothstein)
PNCA, Portland, OR: "The New Aesthetic and The New Politic"
Arse Elektronika, San Francisco, CA: "Multi-Profile, Platform Based Socio-Sexual Performance Constituted thru Polyamorous Relationships"
Weird-Shit Con, Portland, OR: "Notes on a New Politic"
Open Engagement, Portland, OR: "Notes on Research into the Zwischenzug Factory" (with Rosalynn Rothstein)
Law and Disorder, Portland, OR: "The Role of Writing and Research in Developing Revolutionary Movements - Panel Participant"
Occupy Solidarity Social Forum, Olympia, WA: "Anarchist Process and Occupied Media"
The Non-Human in Anthropology, Prague, CZ: "Junk Mail Cyborgs" (with Rosalynn Rothstein)
Selected Art Exhibitions
Website for artwork, with partner Rosalynn Rothstein: www.5ooo.org.
(Solo Shows Marked With *)
*(Forthcoming) Box Gallery, Palatine, IL
*The Development of the Tashigahara-Van Helmont Antenna, Exoskeleton, Los Angeles, CA
June Exhibition, Lab PDX, Portland, OR
Window Installation, Blackfish Gallery, Portland, OR
February Exhibition, Lab PDX, Portland, OR
Included on City of Seattle, Washington Office of Arts and Culture, Emerging Artists Roster.
Lost and Found, Multnomah Arts Center, Portland, OR
*Provisional Loops, Art in Rural Storefronts, Scio, OR
*Port City Installation, Port City Gallery, Portland, OR
Weird Shift Storefront, Co-Curator, Portland, OR
Re-Purposed Sound Machine, Project Space, Salem, OR
*Solid State, Art in Rural Storefronts, Sweet Home, OR
Drones, Gallery Project, Detroit & Ann Arbor, MI
Residency, Elsewhere, Greensboro, NC
Murmuration Festival, online (co-curator)
Weird Shift Con 2013, Portland, OR (co-curator)
YX2, Project Space, Salem, OR
*Untitled Product, Spaceworks, Tacoma, WA
*YX, Re:Vision Gallery at SCRAP, Portland, OR
Lost Valley Installation, Eugene, OR
Northwest Blue Recess Installation, Bellingham, WA
*Tunnel Space, Red Rover Gallery, Portland, OR
*Bohemian Warehouse Installation, Portland, OR
"Speciation", Billboard Art Project, Corona, CA
Bordertown Group Show, Detroit Design Festival, Detroit, MI
*please treat things as you would like them to be treated, Project Space Two, Salem, Oregon
Masks of Incognito
, Re:Vision Gallery at SCRAP, Portland, OR
Summer Print Show, Bamboo Grove Gallery, Portland, Oregon
BA 2005 Religious Studies Grinnell College

MA 2007 Philosophy The New School for Social Research
And there is other stuff that is harder to verify, but is still true.
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