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Questions and Answers on
Physiology and Medical Aspects of Scuba Diving


Lawrence Martin, M.D. Copyright 1997


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Scuba quiz
Myths & Misconceptions
Disclaimer & Invitation

Brief History of Diving
Recreational  Diving
The Respiratory System
Explanation of Pressure

Water & Physical Laws
Unequal Air Pressures
Decompression Sickness
Oxygen Therapy
Gas Pressure at Depth

Dive Tables & Computers
Stress & Diving
Non-air Gas Mixtures
Women & Diving
Medical Fitness for Diving
Asthma & Diving
The Great Debate

All About DAN
Scuba Training Agencies
Magazines & Newsletters
Books & Videos

Diving Odds N' Ends

Internet Links


Most books about scuba diving carry disclaimers and this one is no exception. Information provided in this book is not infallible, and it should in no way be accepted or used as specific advice or recommendation for any specific individual. The purpose of this book is to increase your understanding of scuba diving, not to tell you what to do when, including how deep to dive, what equipment to use, how quickly to ascend, or whether to take up the sport in the first place. Although I make specific recommendations in some areas, particularly about some medical conditions as they relate to diving, these are not specific for any individual and should not be construed as such. Any question about any activity related to an actual dive should be discussed directly with the dive professional involved (instructor, dive master, a dive store owner, etc.) or, if appropriate, a qualified physician.


This book is written for the recreational diver who wishes to learn more about medical and physiologic aspects of scuba diving. Inevitably, some aspects are discussed more than others, some topics are omitted, some subjects are treated less than the reader might wish. I invite any feedback from readers about the book's content. Please let me know about any information or subject you think should be included, augmented, or deleted. Also, by all means tell me about any errors found in the text. I will read and carefully consider all suggestions for a future edition. You can send any suggestion or comment to the publisher, or directly to me (Pulmonary Division, Mt. Sinai Medical Center, One Mt. Sinai Drive, Cleveland, OH 44106). I can also be reached via the internet (martin@lightstream.net).

Lawrence Martin, M.D.

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