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Questions and Answers on
Physiology and Medical Aspects of Scuba Diving


Lawrence Martin, M.D. Copyright 1997


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U.S. Scuba Newsletters, Magazines, and Journals

This section includes most U.S. periodicals with national circulation, and aimed at the recreational diver or those who teach recreational diving. Any list of current periodicals is bound to change frequently, as new magazines enter the market and others fold. Also, some scuba magazines are now published on the internet. See Section U for a list of some comprehensive scuba web sites. By surfing one or more of these sites you should be able to obtain the latest information about scuba periodicals - both print format and on-line.

The list is divided into four categories: 1) newsletters without any advertising or organization affiliation (only one is available); 2) periodicals produced by clubs, organizations or training agencies; 3) general circulation periodicals, which includes all the popular scuba magazines; 4) technical journals (only one is included, the UHMS journal). In most cases information has been verified by the periodical; when information could not be verified, the category has been left blank. Circulation is for most recent year available; address is for the main editorial office. Within each category, listing is alphabetical. Any omissions or errors should be called to the attention of the author.


Ben Davison's In Depth/Undercurrent
Address: P.O. Box 90215, Austin, TX 78709 (Editorial)
Phone (editorial): 512-891-9812
Phone (subscription): 800-326-1896
Fax: 415-461-7953
In print since: 1975
Circulation: 10,000
Comment: In Depth/Undercurrent is the amalgamation of two newsletters, the older Undercurrent (founded in 1975 by Ben Davison) and the more recent In Depth (founded in 1986). In Depth/Undercurrent, which bills itself as "Consumer reviews for sport divers", accepts no advertising and has no organizational affiliation. Articles are about travel and scuba equipment. The newsletter welcomes letters and reports about good and bad dive experiences from its readers.


Except as noted, subscription is available through membership in an organization or club; periodicals are not sold on newsstands. In some cases the target audience is specialized, but all of these periodicals carry articles that should interest the general scuba diver.

Alert Diver
Parent organization: Divers Alert Network
Address: Box 3823, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC 27710
Phone (editorial): 919-684-2948, ext. 626
Phone (subscription): 919-684-2984, ext. 333
Fax: 919-493-3040
In print since: 1980
Circulation: 180,000
Comment: Bimonthly magazine with emphasis on medically-related topics of interest to recreational divers.

Calypso Log
Parent organization: Cousteau Society
Address: 870 Greenbrier Circle, suite 402, Chesapeake, VA 23320
Phone (editorial): 757-523-9335
Phone (subscription): 800-441-4395
Fax: 757-523-2747
In print since:
Circulation: 150,000
Comment: Distributed to members of the Cousteau Society, which charges a yearly membership fee. Emphasis is on travels of Calypso, Cousteau's famous ship, and on ocean preservation & conservation. Organization also publishes a similar periodical for children, Dolphin Log.

Dive Business International
Parent organization: Scuba Schools International (SSI)
Address: 2619 Canton Court, Fort Collins, CO 80525-4498
Phone (editorial): 303-482-0883
Phone (subscription): Same
Fax: 303-482-6157
In print since: 1980 (name changed from "The Bulletin" in 1993)
Circulation: 5200
Comment: The monthly periodical for dive professionals associated with SSI, including "resorts, dive store owners and managers, instructors and dive control specialists."

Dive Report
Parent organization: Watersport Publishing, Inc.
Address: P.O. Box 83727, San Diego, CA 92138
Phone (editorial): 800-776-3483, 619-697-0703
Phone (subscription): Same
Fax: 619-697-0123
In print since: 1993
Circulation: 5,200
Comment: A monthly periodical for "dive store owners and managers, instructors, scuba manufacturers and their representatives, dive resort and boat owners, and dive travel representatives." Dive Report functions as de facto trade journal for the scuba industry, and includes articles on legal issues. It is available free to anyone in the target audience.

Parent organization: Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society
Address: 10531 Metropolitan Avenue, Kensington, MD 20895
Phone (editorial): 301-942-2980
Phone (subscription): Same
Fax: 301-942-7804
In print since: 1972
Circulation: 2400
Comment: UHMS is "an international nonprofit professional association servicing the diving and hyperbaric communities." Pressure is a bimonthly newsletter with non-technical articles on diving and hyperbaric medicine. Non-physicians with an interest in scuba diving medicine or hyperbaric therapy can become associate members of UHMS and receive the periodical. It may also be available in some medical libraries.

Sources, The Journal of Underwater Education
Parent organization: National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI)
Address: 4650 Arrow Highway, suite F-1, P.O. Box 14650, Montclair, CA 91763-1150
Phone (editorial): 909-621-5801
Phone (subscription): Same, Order Dept. X
Fax: 909-621-6405
In print since: 1989 (Replaced NDA News)
Circulation: 14,000
Comment: Sent to professionals in NAUI, including divemasters, instructors, and dive store operators.

Parent Organization: Handicapped Scuba Association
Address: 1104 El Prado, San Clemente, CA 92672
Phone (editorial): 714-498-6128
Phone (subscription): Same
Fax: 714-498-6128
Circulation: 1500
In print since: 1984
Comment: Published biannually

The Undersea Journal
Parent organization: Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI)
Address: 1251 E. Dyer Rd. Suite 100, Santa Ana, CA 92705
Phone (editorial): 800-729-7234; 714-540-7234
Phone (subscription): Same
Fax: 714-540-2609
In print since: 1967
Circulation: PADI professional membership
Comment: Sent to professionals in the PADI organization, including dive-masters, instructors, and dive store operators.


Except as indicated, all periodicals in this group are printed on glossy paper and come out 10-12 times a year. Larger-circulation magazines will be found on many newsstands; others may be found only on selected newsstands, and in some dive stores. All are available by subscription.

Discover Diving
Address: Watersport Publishing Co., P.O. Box 83727, San Diego, CA 92138
Phone (editorial): 800-776-3483; 619-697-0703
Phone (subscription): Same
Fax: 619-697-0123
Circulation: 85,000
In print since: 1982
Comment: A general dive magazine, with articles on dive travel, photography, history and sea creatures.

Dive Training
Address: 1200 South Federal Highway, Suite 301, Boynton Beach, FL 33435
Phone (editorial): 407-731-4321; 800-683-3483
Phone (subscription): 800-444-9932
Fax: 407-369-5882 (editorial)
Circulation: 95,000
In print since: 1991
Comment: Aimed at the newly certified diver, and scuba instructors. Contains many useful articles for these two large groups.

Dive Travel Magazine
Address: P.O. Box 1388, Soquel, CA 95073
Phone (editorial) and Fax: 408-462-0158
Phone (subscription): 800-676-7254
Circulation: 40,000
In print since: 1983
Comment: Issued quarterly. As its name indicates, emphasis is on dive travel (including live-aboards) and diving destinations.

Address: F.D.R. Station, Post Office Box 7934, New York, N.Y. 10150
Phone (editorial): 718-545-1325
Phone (subscription): same
Fax: 718-545-3889
Circulation: 15,000
In print since: 1996
Comment: A quarterly journal for technical diving, e.g., deep, cave, and mixed gas diving, "without the jargon." Contains many interesting articles on emerging technology not found in other general magazines, such as rebreathing circuits.

Ocean Realm Magazine
Address: P.O. Box 6768, San Antonio, TX 78209
Phone (editorial): 210-824-8099
Phone (subscription): 800-681-7727
Fax: 210-820-3522
Circulation: Approx. 30,000
In print since: 1985
Comment: Emphasis is on ocean environments and sea creatures; a slick, glossy quarterly with many beautiful photos.

Rodale's Scuba Diving
Address: 6600 Abercorn St., Savannah, GA 31405
Phone (editorial): 912-351-0855
Phone (subscription): 800-666-0016
Fax: 912-351-0735
Circulation: 200,000
In print since: 1992
Comment: In 1992 Rodale, a large magazine company (Prevention Magazine) bought out the periodicals Fisheye View and Pacific Diver, and started Scuba Diving. Emphasis is on dive travel and Consumer Reports-style equipment reviews.

Scuba Times
Address: 14110 Perdido Key Drive, Suite 16, Pensacola, FL 32507
Phone (editorial): 800-234-0060
Phone (subscription): 800-950-7282
Fax: 904-492-7807
Circulation: 50,000
In print since: 1979
Comment: A general scuba magazine, published 6 times a year. Each issue has a special section called Advanced Diving Journal, with articles on technical and medical aspects of diving.

Skin Diver Magazine
Address: 6420 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048-5515
Phone (editorial): 213-782-2960
Phone (subscription): 800-800-3487
Fax: 213-782-2121
Circulation: 200,000
In print since: 1951
Comment: The largest-circulation and oldest scuba magazine in print. Every issue contains articles that run the gamut from dive travel and dive medicine to equipment reviews and wreck diving.

Sport Diver
Address: World Publications, 330 W. Canton Ave., Winter Park, FL 32789-3195
Phone (editorial): 407-628-4802
Phone (subscription): 800-394-6006
Fax: 407-628-7061
Circulation: 70,000
In print since: 1992
Comment: Aim is to publish general interest articles for the more active and well traveled recreational scuba diver.

Sub Aqua Journal
Address: 150 Marine St., City Island, New York 10464
Phone (editorial): 718-885-3332
Phone (subscription): 718-885-3332
Fax: 718-885-9002
Circulation: 22,000
In print since: 1991
Comment: Emphasis is on wreck diving and advanced diving.


This journal, for health professionals in the field of underwater medicine, is available through any medical library.

Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine
Address: 10531 Metropolitan Avenue, Kensington, MD 20895
Phone (editorial): 301-942-2980
Fax: Same
Circulation: 2,000
In print since: 1993
Comment: Journal formed in 1993 from merger of two older journals, Undersea and Biomedical Research, and Journal of Hyperbaric Medicine, each of which has been in print since the early 1970s. All articles in these journals, and its successor Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine, are abstracted on Medline, the national medical data base.

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